woensdag 16 juli 2014

The Woodlands pt. I ''Fountain of Youth''

The wife of Duke Archbald, who rules the woods and is living in the castle at the Crystal bay, is very sick since the detention of her daughter six months ago (more about this will follow). 
But since this week she got deathly ill. Duke Archbald knew just one thing which could heal her; water from the Fountain of Youth. This fountain was to the east, deep in the woods.
He did sent his loyal lieutenant Nisovin the Older and with him two of his strongest men to bring him this water.

Nisovin (L) and his men Gorod and Marken

The next part is from the report by Nisovin: 

''We didn't have any troubles during our trip to the fountain. We did see a lot animals though, which is weird, as they're most of the time very shy.

When we were almost at the fountain we saw something moving around it. We moved towards it as we didn't expect any attack by what ever it was.. That was thought wrong. Two creatures with pointy teeth - I believe they're called Fampyres - jumped forward out of the shadow. At this moment we regretted we didn't bring any weapons. One tried to bite my throad, but somehow I managed to put my hands at hís throad and strangle him.

The other one was scared, but not for long. He brought to mates and they attacked once more.
Again one tried to bite me, and a fight begun. I found a stone and knocked him out of this world.

At the same time Marken and Gorod were fighting their attackers. While I was helping Marken by killing his, Gorod got bitten by the third. After killing the creatures we tried to safe him, but he had lost too much blood already. He died in my arms.

At the fountain we found the leader of the herd of these creatures. We killed him quickly and filled our flasks with the water. On our way back we burried Gorod, and had a rest at an inn near the woods. We told this story, which surprised the people there. Usually Fampyres don't attack men, and not at all in broad daylight. Something is changing in the woods, good lord, mark my words.''

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