woensdag 23 maart 2016

Westeros terrain

A part of the Wall, earlier shown and the beginning of a sept. The sept will be like a scandinavian Stave-church.

zondag 1 november 2015

Painting Clubs

Painting clubs on Lead Adventure forum I've completed so far

- Great war
- Post apocalypse

dinsdag 30 juni 2015

The Wall in the North

Just rememembered I have never shown my Wall in the North, which I built for the Build Something Contest on the Lead Adventure Forum. Here are some atmospheric pics.

woensdag 10 juni 2015

Sculpting a Mushroom

Inspired by DeafNala on the Lead Adventure Forum, I gave sculpting Mushrooms a try.
Here a first result, waiting to get some paint on it. The guys on his sides are meant to give you some idea about his scale. 
His eyes are beads, and if you look closely you can see the shell of a petite snail on his head. I've no where it's from, but it was laying around here. Possibly GW as it was in the GW bitsbox.

I'm quite happy with the first result.

vrijdag 20 maart 2015

The Woodlands pt. II ''Snakes at the inn''

Nisovin the Older and Marken were traveling back to the castle of Duke Archbald, to give him the water from the fountain of youth. They took a rest at the inn at the edge of the forrest when they saw a famillar face; Djurr, a cousin of Nisovin. He had been sent North by duke Archbald to see what was happening there, as there had been rumours about undeads.

While they were talking about the war against the undeads in the North, an unwelcome guest appeared out of the woods.

The next part is from the report by Nisovin:

''While we were talking and drinking some, I noticed something was moving out of the forrest. I looked up and saw it was Borcus Geirr, the horrific man exiled by you, Duke Archbald, ten years ago for slaughtering everyone in that inn. I informed Djurr and Marken, and told them to prepare for a fight, as it was clear Borcus wanted to have a fight with us, men of the man who exiled him.

Only then I noticed he wasn't alone; three sanguinary looking Wood snakes followed the tall man. We were surprised by this, because as you may know, Wood snakes can't be tamed acutually. We appeared them on guard, as the snakes have dangerous teeth, but it wasn't the snakes we had to fear most; one quick and mighty slash of Borcus' blade cut open the throat of Djurr. My cousin died instantly.

The snakes rushed towards his corps to fullfill their thirst for blood, forgetting about me and Marken. I managed to kill one, and so did Marken. Then Borcus tried to kill Marken, but Marken dodged his blade. Meanwhile I crushed the head of the remaining snake by stamping on it's head. The brains were all over my boots.
Borcus now was alone. He kept on fighting, but he couldn't deal with us both, and so he ran away, seriously injured, back into the woods.


We burned the dead snakes, and burried Djurr. Then we continued our way back to the castle. But we couldn't get one thing out of our minds; what is going on in the woods; first those Fampyres, which attacked in broad daylight, and now those Wood snakes which seemed to be controlled by an exile. There is something weird happening, that's for sure.'' 

vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

maandag 8 september 2014

''Tell my kids I love them''

I painted these for the'' Lead Adventure Great War Painting Club''

They're 15mm  scale, whcich is the smallest I've done so far. I liked painting them, so I might be happy I've dozens of those on the lead pile.. :P